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Vlieseline- Stitch & Tear
Vlieseline- Stitch & Tear

Vlieseline- Stitch & Tear

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Backing for embroidery and appliqués, sewing aid for the individual design and production of patchwork patterns and stitching work and for the transfer of motifs to the right side of fabrics. Suitable for all fabrics. Also suitable for embroidery hoops.

Sewable, tear-off embroidery backing.


70% CV, 30% Cellulose

40 g/ m2

We sell this fabric by quarter metres, there are 4 of these in a metre. If you would like a metre pop 4 in the quantity box. Orders of more than 1 will be cut in a continuous length.

1 quarter measures 25 cm x 90 cm / 2 quarters (half metre) 50 cm x 90 cm

3 quarters 75 cm x 90 cm / 4 quarters (Metre) 100 cm x 90 cm