Sarah does the 'Harry Potter Paper Piecing Project of Doom'!

Sunday 1st March 2020

Hello crafters, welcome to the first instalment of my latest project.  We love Harry Potter in the shop so I've chosen to try my hand at a paper piecing project which starts of with the smallest scraps of fabric and makes a fabulous quilt in the end! Join me over the next few weeks as I let you into my sewing room at home and share my thoughts on what's going well (or not so well!) with the project!  

First, i started by tidying my craft room!! it makes it easier to start a new project with a clear mind and space. 

I have chosen my stash of fabrics to use for my Harry Potter Paper Piecing Project of Doom and sorted them into colours. 

I printed off all my sheets of paper and instructions and pattern in a lovely folder, so, now I'm ready to go!

I am using fat quarters from the strips along with 3 meters of background fabric which is used in all of the 30 blocks to be sewn.  You can also use scraps of fabric you have lying around.  I cant wait to get started!


I have printed pictures of the finished blocks for reference to make it easier. 



I am carefully cutting out the four parts of the first block, I have also jotted down the colours I'm going to use and sorted them out ready.  

Ive made sure to trim all thread ends and I've not bothered to lock in the stitching at each end because the stitches are so small and are going to be sewn in on the final make.  

I'm also ironing every piece as i go. 

This is very therapeutic, after a busy and stressful week, I have radio 2 playing in the background and the lovely smell of Sunday roast wafting up the stairs. 

Its very messy though! Plenty of small fabric scraps and threads along with the perforated paper pieces taken from the back. 

Piece three is quite tricky, what I like about this project is that its been given difficulty levels for each piece, so you don't necessarily need to do them in number order, you could start with the easy ones.  

Week four was definitely the hardest so far, so many tiny pieces and makes it very thick. 

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