Zipped Hexagon Pouch!

Hi there lovely readers! 

Thank you for joining me for another Chloé Makes, brought to you once again at midnight while I'm keeping myself awake for a night shift. So nothing too complicated being made today or it could go totally wrong! 

This week we're making a small hexagon shaped pouch for headphones, phone cables, anything small and easily lost! I've shown you before the super simple cable tidy, so if that's not quite what you need, this could be perfect!

For this cute pouch, you will need a main fabric and a liner fabric, and a small zip, mine is 5". You'll need a hexagon shape and a 1" square to use as templates, you can make whatever size you like, mine is around 6" at the widest point. Cut out two hexagons from each fabric and one square from the main fabric. Take one hexagon of each fabric and cut it in half along a straight side

Start with the zip and the main fabric halves. As usual with placing a zip, put the right side of the fabric facing the right side of the zip. Line up the raw edge of the fabric with the edge of the zip tape and repeat for the other side.

Press the seams flat, away from the zip to prevent any catching.

We're now going to do the same with the inner fabric halves. When working on one side, fold the front sections to the opposite side to keep them away from it path of the needle. 

Once you've done both sides, press again, and add a top stitch along next to the zip, around 0.5 mm/0.25".

Put that top piece to once side and get the small square. Fold and press it in half, then un-fold and fold each side in to the centre line and press those so you end up with a rectangle 1/4 of the square wide, the folds should look as the image below.

Sew along the open side and the fold side to keep it neat, this will be your keychain loop. 

Using a stitch length between 0 and 1, create some securing stitches at the open end of the zip, level with the edge of the fabric. 

Fold the newly made keyring loop in half and attach with the raw edges overlapping the edge of the shape slightly.

Final step is to attach the back of the pouch , make sure the right sides of the main fabric is facing and the lining fabrics are on the outside. sew a straight line parallel to each edge crossing the corners over to make stronger corner stitches, remember to go back and forth to secure the stitches as usual. 

Turn it out and you're finished! You can always add a top stitch around the edge, but I was having some issues with my stitches, so I've left it, I think it looks great as is!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this week's Chloe Makes, and consider making it yourself! It's perfect for any loose change, headphones or keys!

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