Superhero Cape!

...a Superhero Cape!

This one goes out to all my key worker heroes! 

I actually made this cape for my little friend Ted, who's mummy just had a baby (congrats!). I also made his siblings presents as well, a wearable blanket for the eldest and a super easy mermaid quilt for the oldest girl, the material of which you can get from the shop! Comment below if you'd like to see how I did those!

Ted looked super cute in his cape, and the best things about this pattern is that it's free, and can be made for a range of ages, even adults! I got it from Thread Riding Hood and I love how customisable it is!

I chose a red lining fabric to use as the outside and a dinosaur polycotton for the inside, all cheap options as he's likely to outgrow it soon! Plus some felt for the design.

I printed off the pattern and taped it together, the printing instructions for this are fab, as it tells you how many pages you need to print for the size you want to save paper!

Attach both pieces of material on the fold and cut around them to get your cape pieces. Now is the time to make any customisation for the back panel. I roughly drew out what I wanted first, then found basic shapes online to print and cut out so I could get the shapes as sharp and equal as possible.

I used this amazing website for the text, there's a wide range of fonts from independent designers available to download for free or a small cost and they're all so amazing, definitely check it out! I used Badaboom by blambot which is the perfect font for a superhero!

Find the centre line and attach the design, I used bondaweb paper to fuse it initially, then used a topstitch to firmly attach it, and give a nice effect, I'm really pleased with how this part turned out, it looks really good (if I do say so myself!). 

Going around the letters was tricky, but a single line for the smaller letters is just as effective if you find that easier. 

Next, pin the pieces right sides together, and sew, making sure to leave a big enough gap at the bottom for turning right side out.

Once you've done that, press the cape, especially the open section to enable easy closure and run a topstitch around the edge to prevent the two layers moving around. 

Finally, attach two pieces of velcro, one on the outside and one on the inside to fasten the neck pieces together. 

 And there you have it, you're done! Give it to your little friend (or pet?!) to wear with pride as they save the world, one toy at a time!

Stay inside, stay safe, and don't forget to keep sending us your pictures of your quarantine makes...

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  • I love my chloe cape. I am super cool super ted!!!

    Ted weekes

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