Sleep Eye Mask!

…a Sleep Eye Mask!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed my surprise extra post on Saturday! If you haven’t seen it yet, I shortened a t-shirt using my new cutter foot, go take a look! Any time I have a small project or want to talk about something like an accessory, or something new I’ve tried, I’ll try to write a Chloe Makes More post on it, or if there’s anything you’d like me to review or try, post a comment at the end of this post and let me know!!

This week, I’m making myself a new sleep mask, the elastic in one I’ve been using recently has stretched and it keeps moving off my eyes, so obviously not too effective. I know I could just put new elastic in, but where’s the fun in that?! Doing night shifts means sleeping in the day, between shifts, so I find that the best solution to the light is a good combination of blackout curtains, or blinds, and a cute eye mask!

To make your own, you will need a quarter metre of your chosen fabric, 15x25cm wadding and a half metre of elastic, any thickness you’d find most comfortable. You can find a sleep mask template online, simply search on google images and pick the one you like best, or draw your own!

Cut a front and back piece out of your chosen fabric, you don’t have to use the same, you could use a contrasting fabric for the inside, or a soft or silky fabric if you’d prefer the feel of that on your face. I have an offcut of jersey from when I cropped a sweatshirt and that is lovely and soft on the inside, so I’m using that, along with my favourite floral fabric I’ve used for quite a few different projects now, including the sewing machine mat I made for myself! For the frill decoration around the edge, cut one long strip measuring 6cmx1m and another long strip 4cm x double the size of elastic you need to go around your head (this can be cut later).

Starting with the frill decoration, sew the short ends of the strip together to make a loop and press the seam open. Fold the loop in half, length ways wrong sides facing and press, next, sew the raw edges together using the longest stitch your machine does and gently pull the bobbin thread, easing the fabric gathers until it is roughly the length of your mask’s circumference.

Moving on to the mask assembly, attach your wadding to the wrong side of one mask piece, either by sewing or iron on if you have it. Pin the frill around the right side, inside edge of the wadded piece, adjusting the gathers to give an even appearance and sew. Pin the elastic to one side of the mask around 1cm from the end, hold it to your face and pull around the back of your head until it meets the other side of the mask and adjust until it feels comfortable. Release the elastic, then add 1cm to the length you have and cut.

This is where you cut your second length of fabric, double the length you have of elastic and cut from your fabric. Fold it right sides together and sew along the raw edges, turn right side out and thread your elastic through. Pin your elasticated piece of fabric on top of the mask about half way down either side, and then sew together.

Pin your second piece of fabric right sides facing to the working mask piece. For me, this was the soft side of my jersey, so whichever piece you want on your eyes, this should be the second piece. The frill and elastic should be encased inside the two mask pieces.

Sew it all together with a 1cm seam allowance, be sure to leave a 5cm turning gap at the top. Clip the corners then turn it right side out through the gap, press and then sew the turning gap shut.

Et voila! Your new sleep mask is complete! I tried mine last night and it was so comfortable and stayed just where I wanted it! Next to see if it blocks out the light well during those day sleeps!

As always, let me know if you give this a go and share your pictures with us on facebook or insta! 

Keep sending us your quarantine makes, they really cheer us up seeing what you've been keeping yourself busy with!

Stay safe and stay at home,

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