Sewing Week Felt Elephant Mascot!

...Sewing Week Felt Elephant Mascot!

Hello Sewers (I always think this looks wrong but I've looked it up and if you sew, then you are in fact, a sewer)!

This week is Sew Magazine's Sewing Week and in celebration, I'm showing you how to make the felt elephant mascot! Reminiscent of my very first Chloe Makes Instagram post, this is a super simple project, perfect for introducing hand sewing to children and complete beginners - just like we did at our Children's Easter half term workshop. 

For this project, you will need; colourful felt and a contrasting thread, plus some stuffing. 

To begin, print and cut out this template I've made for you! 

Cut out the quantities started on the template; 2 body and 2 ear shapes, from your colourful felt, I've gone for contrasting colours, because who doesn't love a bit of colour?!

Begin by embroidering any design you like on both bodies. I went for lazy daisies on one side and crosses on the other. Add an eye shape just above the trunk, like I have. 

For the ears, start at the top of the straight section, using a running stitch, work your way around the curve, then when you get to the bottom of the straight section, attach the ear to the body, around the same place I have below. 

Once you've decorated both sides and added the ears, using a running stitch, secure both sides, leaving a gap at the top for stuffing. 

Stuff with as little or as much stuffing you want, or if you want to use your elephant as a pin cushion, fill with wire wool to sharpen the pins each time you use it!

Once you've stuffed, finish sewing the top and you're done!

It's such a fun project, super easy and really cute once finished! 

Happy Sewing Week, have some fun and make sure you send us your pictures of all your creations from this week!

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