Peg Bag!

...a Peg Bag!

Hello everyone, welcome to another Chloe Makes post! No IGTV video this week, as I haven’t had much time between shifts, but on my day off today I’ll be showing you how to make a peg bag!

I’ve had the fabric and idea for this project since I first got my sewing machine, so this is a little while in the making but now is its time to shine! Since the sun is coming out more and we’re all putting our washing out to dry on the line, what a better project than to make a brand-new peg bag!

For this project, you will need; scrap fabric, a small coat hanger, pins, scissors and any embellishments you want.

Start off by making yourself a pattern piece by drawing around your coat hanger at the top with around 1-2cm extra circumference, then add a rectangle underneath – this is the back to your peg bag. You will also need a top and bottom piece for the fronts. The assembly is like an envelope cushion cover, so have an overlap of the two front pieces.

Once you’re happy with your pattern pieces, cut them out, pin to your fabric and cut the fabric pieces out as well.

Hem the open edges using a rolled hem technique, including the top part where the hole for the coat hanger hook will be.

Once that it done, pin all the pieces right sides together and so the top, front part, once turned right side out, is layered over the bottom, front part.

I’ve double pinned at the top, just to make sure I don’t close up the top hole. Once you’ve sewn it all the way around, turn it right sides out, then slip the coat hanger into the top part of the bag. You’re done! One peg bag, ready for your next load of washing, my uniform is ready to hang up now actually!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s make, and with a bit more preparation, I should have time to make a video for next weeks! Keep smiling everyone, we’ll make it through this strange time!


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