Easy Peasy Pattern Weights!

...Easy Peasy Pattern Weights!

Hello everyone! 

This week's Chloe Makes is something I've been meaning to either make or buy for a long time, and I've finally got around to it! I'm done with using salt and pepper shakers, drinking glasses and bottles of mayo! Now I have my own hand sewn weights, and they were really easy too!

I found this fab PDF from Tea Rose Home, because why fix something if it 'aint broke! Her instructions are so easy to follow, I almost don't feel the need to go over it with you - but I will don't worry!

For this project, you can totally use any scraps you have lying around, or fat quarters are perfect for making multiples of these as they aren't very big! I decided to make some to size and some bigger ones from a cute cactus fat quarter pack I found in the shop (I love a succulent). You'll also need some rice or dried beans to create the weight and fill the bag.

To begin, cut out the template and find a piece of material of a suitable size. I've used 100% cotton, but you can use any type really!

Cut out your triangle, then I found it easier to press the lines in before attempting to assemble, just so I knew where I was sewing and they would stay in place. 

As explained on Sachiko's PDF, firstly join and sew points A and B together, then points B and C. Your tetrahedron should now have one open edge and look like this.

Next sew the remaining seam half way up, leaving a big enough gap to insert your rice or beans.

Turn the piece out so the right sides are now on the outside and press the remaining raw edges folded into the bag and flat. Fill up the bag as much as you can, I used a piece of paper rolled into a small funnel to make it easy! Then using a slip stitch, sew the remaining hole up!

And that's you done, I told you it was easy! Like I said, you can also make bigger sizes, I found the quickest and easiest way was to use the smaller template to extend each length by double, so the resulting weight was twice the size of the originals. 

This will certainly make cutting out some tricky pattern pieces a lot easier when I'm using my rotary cutter, and with two sizes to choose from, I have smaller ones to go closer to edges and corners for hard to cut small pieces, and a larger one for more simple pieces, I will definitely make some more when I get a minute! 

Keep hold of these, you never know, they might come in handy for a few Chloe Makes projects coming up *wink wink*. 

Until then, keep making and staying safe!

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  • Thank you Chloe I’ve been looking at these when the contestants use them on Sewing B. Will now be able to make my own!

    Maxine Nicholls

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