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Hello Everyone!

I bet you’re wondering what you’ve done to deserve this extra post?! Well I’ve just finished trying a new sewing machine accessory, and while it doesn’t warrant a full blog post, it definitely earns a review and I thought I’d let you all know about it!

A few days ago, I bought this fab “Bless the NHS’ t-shirt by Blanks Factory, all of the proceeds go towards the Masks for Heroes Initiative. Before buying, I noticed that it would definitely be too long for me, being quite short, and although it would definitely suit a man, this particular style and length isn’t always the most flattering for women. So the plan was to shorten it once it arrived. 

Ideally, I would use the overlocker in the shop, or Sarah’s one in her fab sewing room, but since we’re all confined to our own houses, that’s not possible. There’s no way I can justify buying my own overlocker for this one project, so the next best option – an overlocker sewing machine foot! Now, it’s obviously not exactly the same as an overlocker and it needs a bit of extra help, but it does almost the same job for a fraction of the price!

We now sell the machine foot online and in the shop! Take a look here

I will admit, it takes a bit of fiddling and trial and error when it comes to stitch width and even just getting it to cut and sew where you want it to. But, once you’ve got it set to your machine and your needs, it’s does a brilliant job. I’d definitely recommend using some scraps of the fabric you plan on cutting before working on your project to get the foot working in the best way for it. You all know I don’t like to make things easy for myself, so obviously I went straight for a light weight t-shirt jersey!

The only negative I’d say about this product is that it’s quite difficult to stop the stretch material from warping as it’s not as slimline as an overlocker foot, so unless you don’t mid it being a little stretched and it’s not going to be a visible hem, it’ll work absolutely fine. I turned the hem inside so it wasn’t visible and added two lines of topstitching to keep it flat (it would be much easier with a twin needle, but unfortunately, I don’t have one of those!).

I’ll let you be the judge, I think it looks pretty good, and unless I told someone I had shortened it, I'd like to think they wouldn’t notice – my parents agreed, although I’m pretty sure they have to say that.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, see you all again for a regular Chloe Makes on Wednesday, and as a reward for reading this impromptu post, I’m letting you in on the make for next week, a sleep mask!

Stay Safe!

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