Infinity Scarf! Infinity Scarf!

Hello lovely readers! Today's Chloé Makes is in homage to all our long suffering mothers (well mine is anyway), as Mother's Day is coming up! I don't know about you, but I think the best gifts are always from the heart, so this year, why not hand make your gift?!

This infinity scarf if so easy to make, it's done in about 15 minutes! Read on for how I made it, and how you can make it as well.

Find a fabric you like, I picked a burnt orange crepe, in our sale basket at the moment for only £6/m! The beauty of this project is that you only need 1m of fabric and 3 straight lines of stitches. 

If it isn't already, fold it in half and cut along the fold to give you two long halves. Put the pieces together at the short ends and sew along the join. 

Now you've got one 2m piece, turn the right sides together and sew all the way along the long edge. 

We're on the home straight now! Turn it out so the right sides are on the outside and put the seams together. Sew all the way around the opening, as far as you go, it will start to bunch up but that's meant to happen so don't worry! 

Once you can't go any further without sewing onto other pieces of the material, pull the edges of the leftover hole so they're straight and sew over the opening as neat as you can, I've done mine in white so it's visible, but I'd try to match the colour as best as possible. And that's it, you're done! As I said, this is so quick and easy, I even had time to make myself another one!

Here's my lovely mum wearing hers in the shop today. Happy (early) Mother's day!!


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