Cross Stitch Book Mark!

...Cross Stitch Book Marks!

Hi everyone!

This week’s making challenge is a cross stitch bookmark, in honour of the Faversham Literary festival!

Despite many people using electronic methods of reading such as Kindle and Apple Books, many people, including myself, still like to read through books rather than on a screen. The Literary Festival happens every year in February, so if you missed any of the events happening throughout the town this time around, not to worry, the festival will be back this time, next year!

So, on with the making! I decided on a cute cactus design for my book mark, I love plant designs, even if I can’t keep them alive! First I assembled all the pieces I would need... embroidery threads, needles, the pattern I was using, some aida fabric and a scrap piece of backing fabric (not pictured).

I started by counting across how many columns I would need for the width of the bookmark, then cutting it to size. Working my way along, I first followed the stitches around the edges to make the boarder. This section took me 2 hours. 

Once that was done, I started work on the top image. I was working to a deadline, and so only managed to have enough time to finish the first one, so to create a finished product, I decided on altering the pattern slightly. 

In order to do this, I used Using this website, you can create your own designs, with your own dimensions! I wrote out the word 'grow', as I thought this was going with the plants, reading theme! Grow your mind and your cacti! 

Finally, to finish off the whole thing, I chose some bee patterned scrap fabric to back the bookmark and hide the back of the design where all the loose threads live. Overall, I think it gave a good effect, and gives a neat finish to this cute project. 

I really enjoyed this project, and I hope I've inspired you to try cross stitch, or even read a real life book! 

What do you think of this week's make? Let me know in the comments!

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