Bow Scrunchies!

...Bow Scrunchies!

Hi everyone, hope you’re all having a lovely and productive week! I’m writing this blog post on Monday, as I’m working Tuesday and Wednesday, and so far, I’ve made 3 batches of cookies, finished knitting 1 of 2 baby cardigans and now I’m sat here typing before I do a food technology lesson with my Tilly, my 't-shirt to dress' model via FaceTime! Making the most of my days off now I’m not home every day!

So this week, I thought I’d make something a little bit practical. As a nurse, you need to keep your hair off your collar, and since I haven’t had mine cut for a while, my once short hair is now getting a bit too long to leave down, so what a better and cuter way to keep it up than a handmade scrunchie!

For this make, all you will need is some fairly big scraps of fabric and elastic, this can be either round or flat, and the best thing about this make is that you won’t even need a pattern for it!

First cut one long thick strip and two almost bow-tie shaped pieces out of your fabric, like I have in the image below. The length and width of the main piece depends on how scrunched you want it and how big you want it, as a rule of thumb, I generally use double the length of elastic I’ve got. The pieces I’m using are about 15cm and the strip I’ve cut is 30cm long, 10cm wide, I don’t like too much fabric in mine.

Next you’re going to fold along the length of the strip and sew along the line, leaving the ends open and with around a ¼“ seam allowance. If your fabric has a pattern, be sure to sew it with the right sides facing! Once sewn, turn right side out to hide the seam. Thread the elastic through the tube of fabric so you can hold both ends.

You’ll then want to secure the elastic at the ends, if you’re using round elastic, tie them together, if you’re using flat, you can sew them together. For this method, see our new IGTV video(!), where I use flat elastic instead of round. Honestly, this thicker round elastic is harder to tie, it took me a little while and a some team work with my mum, but we got it done!

Fold one end of the scrunchie openings and overlap with the other end, then sew around to join both ends together, it doesn’t need to be loose, you’ll be covering this part with the bow anyway!

Now for the bow, sew both parts together, leaving around 1-2” in the middle for turning, again, remember to do it right sides together if using a pattern. Turn them out and sew the gap closed. Then tie your bow to the scrunchie and you’re finished! Easy!

I think these look super cute, and since they're so easy, I'll be making them all the time now! 

As I mentioned earlier, I've created ASU's first IGTV video post! So take a look on instagram for that and let me know what you think in the comments! Keep up with the amazing creations you're all keeping yourselves busy with during lockdown. Before you know it, we'll all be really busy with no time to make anything again!

Stay safe...

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