Appliqué Cushion! Appliqué Cushion!

Hello from my living room!

In these isolation-times, I've been doing A LOT of sewing and knitting, Sarah jokes she's created a monster...she may be right, I think I need to go to Sewing Anonymous..."Hello my name is Chloe and I'm a craft addict!"

So, this week, I've whipped up a quick cushion cover! Perfect with florals for spring (groundbreaking. (I see you Devil Wears Prada fans!) and bunnies for easter, this envelope back cushion cover is super easy, and you can use any spare fabric you might have laying around! It's a fab project for children as well, it's so simple and fun to decorate, just whilst planning this post I had a few different ideas!

You will need:

  • Cushion innard (mine was 45x45cm)
  • One piece of fabric big enough to cover the front with a 2cm seam allowance on each side
  • One piece of fabric for the back, same width but 20cm longer.
  • Decorations (I used felt and wadding)

That's it! Told you it was simple!

Fold the back piece in half along the longest width and cut. Pin back along one long edge of each back piece and top stitch.

Moving on to the appliqué section, find the image you want to use and print out. I decided on a cute rabbit, so cut it out of felt and wadding.

At this point, do any decoration you want for the front of the cushion. You could use pompoms, beads, buttons or sequins! A pompom tail would look especially cute!

Using a short and wide zigzag stitch, I attached both layers to the front cushion material. 

Going back to the envelope closure. Pin around the edges so the topstitched sides overlap in the centre, this should be around 10cm total overlapped fabric. Then make your way around the edges with a straight stitch, and you're done!

Turn the cushion the right way round, put the innard inside the cover and voila! Style to your hearts content!

Keep sending us your quarantine makes, we love seeing what you're up to during these times, and remember, we're adding to the online store all the time, so keep checking and seeing what we've added!

Stay safe, 

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