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Raincoat Waterproof Fabric

Raincoat Waterproof Fabric

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Waterproof and easily wiped clean these fabrics are not just made for raincoats! They can be used for things such as play mats, ponchos and even shower curtains!

    Thanks to modern technology, PU-coated fabrics are highly breathable as well. One such modern technique is called a micro-porous coating. Basically, this is a PU coating that contains billions of tiny holes. These holes are so small that water vapour can escape to the outside, but moisture can't get in

    We sell this fabric by quarter metres, there are 4 of these in a metre. If you would like a metre pop 4 in the quantity box. Orders of more than 1 will be cut in a continuous length.

    1 quarter measures 25 cm x 137 cm / 2 quarters (half metre) 50 cm x 137 cm

    3 quarters 75 cm x 137 cm / 4 quarters (Metre) 100 cm x 137 cm